Shape Sony FS5 Adaptor Plate With Metabones Support

€ 79,00 excl. btw € 95,59 incl. btw

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Quick Overview

De Shape Sony FS5 Adaptor Plate With Metabones Support biedt een stevig platform voor uw FS5 camera met een instelbare support voor uw lens mount.

€ 79,00 excl. btw € 95,59 incl. btw
€ 79,00 excl. btw € 95,59 incl. btw

SHAPE designed the FS5 adaptor plate to allow more adjustment when using the SONY FS5 camera with our SHAPE BP 0008 .The product also comes with a removable metabones adaptor plate in the front with 3mm of vertical adjustment to provide great support. The FS5 METABONES adaptor is perfectly suited to support weight and to reduce stress on the camera lens mount. This new product will provide an optimal stability when you use your SONY FS5.

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